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How to Prepare Your Website for Google Mobile-First Indexing

January 24, 2017
Indexing is a process where the server crawls through the website. It fetches every page that it finds and stores a list of keywords that are found in the website, in the server’s database. These keywords are then used to find the pages on that website, when a user performs search operations.…

Importance of Mobile Website Design

December 5, 2014
Mobile website design is crucial for business visibility. An effective internet presence via a well-designed, functional website is critical, but it would be virtually impossible to achieve your online goals if you did not focus on being visible in mobile search. More and more people are accessing the web on their mobiles, smartphones and touch pads and you can reach them only via a well-optimized mobile-friendly website.…

Creating Responsive Web Design

November 13, 2014
These days almost every business needs a mobile version of its website as most people shop and look for information on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets with advanced web browsing capacities have changed the approach towards design and user experience. Devices are changing and developing every day and web design also needs to be dynamic, flexible and smart to adapt to these changes.…

Responsive Web Design or Mobile Website: Which is Better for Mobile Commerce?

November 4, 2013
The increasing use of mobile devices to buy and sell products and services is driving mobile commerce (or m-commerce). Walmart reports that around 40% of visits to their shopping website in December 2012 were through mobile devices. EBay predicts that around 30% of all e-commerce sales will take place through mobile devices by 2015.…