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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is regarded as the social media platform with the world's largest audience of influential, affluent professionals. If you want to expand your social media presence and connect with your target audience, then our professional LinkedIn marketing services can help. An experienced SEO company headquartered in India, Oregon Technologies understands how LinkedIn works to improve the SEO prospects of businesses. We can provide you with powerful LinkedIn strategies to build your connections and get your brand noticed by potential customers.

We formulate a unique social media marketing strategy for your business by focusing on your specific brand, products and services. This helps to gain or attract your target audience on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing Services - Benefits

At Oregon Technologies, we optimize your internet marketing campaigns to drive more website traffic and enhance brand awareness. We provide individualized SEO solutions to help your business

  • Establish an effective online business profile
  • Gain more exposure and help your targeted audience find you
  • Leverage the power of social media
  • Implement strategies to enhance ROI
Highlights of Our

LinkedIn Marketing Service

  • We create a complete LinkedIn profile page to engage your followers, with relevant details such as type of business, products and services, expertise, industry experience and contact information.
  • We optimize your LinkedIn page to increase targeted traffic. We build links from your page to improve the visibility of your content.
  • We create anchor text links which include relevant keywords. This is an important factor that Google looks for when ranking your website.
  • We generate effective headlines with necessary information about your professional profile using keyword-rich descriptions. Formatted and keyword-rich descriptions are concise and included to increase your online visibility.
  • We help implement targeted Linkedin advertising campaigns.
  • We subscribe to different online communities or groups related to your company business. This helps you participate in various discussions and share experiences to build brand visibility.
  • We promote your LinkedIn profile in other prominent social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other websites. We also integrate blog feed by automating your blog postings.
  • We regularly track public reviews about your company through LinkedIn’s Company Buzz.
  • We share valuable information or updates about your company products and services through content blogs, events, news, promotions and videos to engage your customers.
  • Our social media marketing solutions come at affordable rates.

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