Conversion Optimization

Getting maximum returns on your digital marketing investment is important whether you are an experienced website owner or new entrant in the industry. To build your brand and increase sales, you need to increase the percentage of your visitors who turn into leads. Oregon Technologies offers conversion optimization strategies to help businesses achieve a healthier bottom line. As a reputable SEO and internet marketing company based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, we focus on providing customized solutions which can improve your website’s conversion rate and drive in more revenue.

As an initial part of our conversion optimization strategy, we try to analyze the minds of customers and based on that devise adequate strategies to convert more of them in to potential customers. 

Conversion Optimization

Our effective conversion optimization strategies implemented will help your website achieve:

  • Improved website usability
  • A lower bounce rate
  • A solid sales funnel
  • More website traffic
  • A higher conversion rate
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)


Conversion Optimization Services

Conversion rate optimization is an integral part of our SEO services. We evaluate your competition to understand the tactics they are using and help you stand out by offering unique web marketing solutions that match your business needs. The strategies we implement will increase your brand value and boost online sales. Customized conversion optimization services that we provide:

  • Evaluate website visitor’s behavior – We analyze the different behavioral patterns of the website visitors to understand the kind of information they are seeking. Metrics analysis is conducted to analyze how the visitors came to your website and number of pages viewed by them. Usability analysis is also performed to understand customers’ perceptions about your website and ways to improve them.
  • Landing page design. – Our Company designs attractive conversion rate optimization (CRO) friendly landing page design for your website which compels visitors to subscribe to website products and services. The landing pages are optimized to keep the customers at the page for a longer time and to check other pages of the website as well. In addition to this, problems like broken links and poor navigation are also fixed.
  • Content variation – We implement split testing involving elements such as content variation, website design, text, links and images so as to test and improve conversion rates. Our aim is to create specific set of elements on web pages that maximize conversion rates.
  • Testing – Our Company performs timely testing to determine which content, images or layouts of the website are the best. We perform multivariate testing by comparing, graphics, titles and designs to find out what works best to attract users to your website.


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