Pay Per Click [PPC]

A professional SEO company with years of experience, Oregon Technologies can provide you with effective pay per click (PPC) management services in addition to efficient organic search engine optimization strategies. Our goal is to enhance your traffic, leads and sales with pay per click advertising.

Our PPC advertising model is designed to provide your website with a strong online presence. With media advertisements, you will have to pay for the ad, whether your targeted audience sees it or not. But with PPC, your business has to pay only when someone clicks your ad. We will ensure that your PPC campaign will generate new business and work to grow the results.

The benefits you enjoy with our PPC advertising services are:

  • More quality leads
  • Increase in conversions and sales
  • Maximum Return on Investment

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management

We have the skilled manpower, resources and technology necessary for successful PPC management on leading PPC advertising platforms to ensure optimal results. We can help businesses of any type or size to benefit from increased traffic, ROI, better revenue and profit.

  • Analysis of Company Goals: The first step in our PPC campaign is to analyze your company, products or services, and targeted audience to get a proper idea of your business goals. This allows us to develop the right PPC strategy to achieve your objectives.
  • Targeting the Right Keywords: One we know who you targeted audience is, we create a comprehensive list of suitable keywords. We conduct in-depth keyword research and analysis related to your products and service to select the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases that your targeted customers are likely to use.
  • Creation of Ads & Landing Pages: After proper research, we make eye-catching ads to suit the landing pages that possess the targeted keywords.
  • Monitoring Tracking and Conversion: Conversion tracking is a guide that tells you what does and does not help your business. We monitor the number of clicks, traffic and conversions that your PPC campaign generates. This will give us a clear idea of what works and any changes that may be necessary to increase your ROI.
  • Testing and Modification: We inspect each ad on a daily basis. We filter your search on the basis of relevant parameters such as geographical location, time of the day, and day of the week. We then make changes whenever and wherever necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

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