Ideas for Enhancing SEO Content Writing

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In 2019, content writing for SEO is all about benefiting your audience. If you want to improve content marketing and see real ROI (return on investment), then you need to improve your content writing. Here are some simple tips for good web content writing:

Write for the right people using targeted keywords – The goal should be to optimize your SEO content for your audience using targeted keywords – the key terms and phrases that are relevant to your audience and which they are actively searching. To find these terms, you must know:

Who your audience segments are: Do your research. Identify the audience that needs what you offer and find out where they gather online. You should survey them, talk to them, and understand their personal habits, preferences, demographics and stats.

What type of information they need and why they need that information: Doing topic research will provide you with content topics that are based on the targeted keywords that you have discovered as well as what your audience wants to know.

Which keywords they are using to find it: You would need to do keyword research to discover relevant, profitable keywords that relate to your expertise, your products or services, and your audience’s search intent.

Concentrate on readability – Search engine ranking algorithms evaluate web pages and websites every second. As these algorithms cannot make sense of very complicated language structures and expressions, use simple words in your content as far as possible and keep your sentences very short. Avoid having more than two sentences per paragraph. Use headings, sub-headlines and bullet points to organize your thoughts and format your text for better readability. In fact, readability, clarity, organization, logic and simplicity are key factors when it comes to retaining the reader’s interest. To ensure that your content is more readable, make sure it conveys all types of information in an understandable way. And when your content is understandable to more people, they are likely to stay longer. This, in turn, helps your Google rankings.

Create content that goes deeper into the topic – One of the big SEO trends for 2019 is creating content that goes deep into a topic. This works for higher rankings as Google is intensifying its focus on content quality. To create deeper content, you need to write long-form blogs that are around 1,200 to 2,000 words or more, investigate topics that have many different sides and dimensions, and also write ultimate guides (

Provide facts and statistics – Providing supporting facts, sources, and data in your content will make your content stand out.

Use images that will attract attention – Inserting well-designed, high-quality images in your content is crucial. The right images will make your content look professional and authoritative. So invest in good visuals for better SEO.

Format your content for featured snippets – Featured snippets are little blocks of information that may show up on a search results page when a user asks a question. Snippets provide users with a concise, direct answer to their questions. Nowadays, featured snippets are getting a lot of attention in the SERPs. You can increase the chances of your content getting snipped for a featured snippet by

Answering questions definitively

Producing high-quality content

Using numbered and bulleted lists

Including stats and data

Structuring your content logically

Reputation building – Google values authority/expert authorship in content more than ever before. As per Google’s recently updated search quality evaluator guidelines, the person who creates the content and his/her history both contribute to a page’s quality. This can include the following:

First-person experience

What the wider web says about you (for instance reviews, forum discussions, author bios, news, Wikipedia articles, etc.)

In addition, including an About page on your website as well as author bio pages for your blog will help in reputation-building. You should also create bios for all of your guest-blogging opportunities.

Do original research – Original research is a great way to improve the quality of SEO content. Including fresh statistics, studies, information, and research in your content may attract other websites to link to you and cite your findings. Here are some research ideas:

Conduct a case study about your brand’s success or failure

Survey your industry and study the results.

Analyze your own data and publish your findings.

SEO content writing involves a lot of hard work and skill. The best way to improve your rankings through quality content is to partner with a professional SEO company. Such companies would have a team of skilled content writers and quality control experts that can produce quality content to suit your niche and help you achieve your marketing goals.

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