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You Can Now Track Your Conversions Using Facebook

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We all know that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ hold majority of user traffic worldwide and therefore, each of these sites acts as a perfect fishing ground for those who want to capture considerable website traffic. For achieving this objective, social media marketing techniques are used ensuring that these techniques help in increasing the customer base and driving more conversions.

To help businesses successfully implement their marketing tactics, various social media sites have come forward with tools to ease their marketing efforts. The popular social networking site Facebook has launched many tools and features in the past to help small businesses promote their brand. To measure your ROI from your Facebook ads, the social media site is now offering you conversion tracking tool that can provide you detailed information on actions made by your potential customers after viewing your Facebook ads. For business owners, the information is valuable because it can be used to measure the returns of cost per conversion campaign. Also, it will allow you to perform optimization on your Facebook ads according to conversion rates and targeted users. With the Facebook conversion tracking tool, you can monitor four types of conversions and they are:

  • Leads
  • Registrations
  • Key page views
  • Other website conversions

For small and medium sized businesses, cleverly utilizing Facebook marketing tools can produce more conversions and increase their brand recognition where traditional marketing tactics fail. You can monitor conversion status by creating “pixels” that can track conversions and insert them on the pages of your website where conversions are about to happen. In addition, this helps you to optimize your ads as per targeted audience and conversion.

To know more about Facebook conversion tracking and how to use it for increasing the sales of your product or service, you can get professional assistance from a reliable internet marketing company. A reputable company will have the expertise in providing solutions that are customized and affordable. The SEO professionals at such companies are well-versed in the current developments in the online marketing industry and use that knowledge to create tactics specific to your needs.

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