Revamp Your Social Media Marketing Tactics to Attract Your Targeted Audience

Revamp Your Social Media Marketing Tactics to Attract Your Targeted Audience

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Businesses are finding that they cannot carry through their online marketing campaign successfully without social media optimization. Pew Internet reported that as of May 2013, up to 72% of online adults use social networking sites. Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social networking sites dominate people’s social lives like never before. A recent article based on data from an Edison Research and Arbitron study points out that the social media landscape is changing fast and that businesses need to revamp their social media marketing (SMM) strategies if they want to attract more targeted customers. Here are some trends reported by the Edison Research and Arbitron study that you should take note of:

  • Facebook is the most preferred social media site in the US. Facebook dominates the social media networking options. The second place is held by LinkedIn followed by Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. From the marketing point of view, you need to know your target audience and focus on the sites in which these prospective customers are active. Further, the Facebook experience is integrating branded content marketing. So it would be to your advantage to create branded content that is good for your Facebook audience.
  • Users in the 55+ segment are growing. While youngsters – teenagers and young adults – are the groups most active on social media, the highest growth demographic is the 55+ age group. Regardless of which age group your target audience is in, understand their social habits and engage with them. Be subtle or else they may stop following you!
  • Up to 27% of US social networkers check their social media accounts several times a day. Up to 39% of users access social media sites through their smartphones. Many sign in when they take a break from work. Moreover, checking your account is something that can be done simultaneously with other activities. So what you need to do is to post content can be easily viewed and communicates your message easily. Post more images, photographs and short videos.

A professional SEO company can help with your SMM campaign. Their team of SEO experts keep pace with the changes in social media platforms and can help enhance your brand on these networks using the right strategies.

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