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Google Displaying Restaurant Menus and Pricing in Search Results

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With its innovative ideas, Google is now putting restaurant menus and prices in its search results. This innovative feature will definitely save people’s time – they would not have to visit the restaurant’s website – and at the same time engage users on Google’s search tool.

According to a Constant Contact/Single Platform survey, most people want to see a menu before they eat at a restaurant. For instance, if you search for a restaurant and view the menu related to the query, it is possible to view the menu directly in the search results. So with Google’s new feature, you would not have to visit the restaurant’s website to know what it’s serving.

The new-fangled feature that remains still unannounced was very first spotted by Allie Brown who shared the search results for “jones brunch menu” via Twitter. Google is figuring out the detailed menu from a structured data source – (as their site also being included in local search results). The search results will be presented in a card style answer with details of restaurant’s menu put across different categories like — prices, food categories like appetizers, entrées, sandwiches and more.

Besides the design style, the search data results is not Google-like in its accuracy as a quick search of the “Jones” website displays some visible differences between what was searched for and what was presented.

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