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Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

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Keyword research is essential to develop a keyword strategy that is relevant to your content. It is the process of uncovering and selecting the appropriate keywords for the site. It plays a vital role in getting visitors to your site and enhancing SEO.

Keyword Research Tools

The finding of perfect keywords for business is considered as the most vital stage of SEO process, and helps to define the ongoing steps. Choosing the wrong set of keywords or key phrases for business niche would affect search rankings and website traffic to a great extent. It is therefore necessary to carry out thorough keyword research and choosing those with less competition can improve search rankings and attract more traffic. The right keyword strategy helps in business growth as it is instrumental in unleashing new market spaces. Here are some popular tools to find keyword ideas:

  • Google Tools – Google Keyword Planner is a  powerful and popular free AdWords tool which helps find keyword ideas and estimate search volume and level of competition. It can help find ad group ideas, get past statistics, evaluate the potential performance of a list of keywords, and even develop a new keyword list. It can help you decide which competitive bids and budgets can work best for SEO campaign. Google Suggest describes the drop-down menu opening when simply typing single letters or words into the search bar and provides important insights on potential keywords. Google Trends displays regional interests and identifies related searches regarding general topics as well as specified queries and serves as a handy tool for differentiating between trending topics, buzzwords and issues current at all times.
  • Ubersuggest – This tool gives access to reams of related keywords and phrases that can be targeted. It takes any keyword we give it and immediately provides an unlimited list of alphabetized and numerical keyword variations of the original keyword.
  • Word Tracker – This generates many suggestions, measures competition, and even helps with writing optimized content. It shows what people are searching for, gives a lot of suggestions for keyword phrases, and measures how much competition might be faced for the terms selected.
  • Word Stream – It has huge data base and enables customized searches by refining adult keywords. It also offers options for negative keywords identification, keyword grouping, and finding keyword niches.
  • MOZ – This is the ultimate tool for analyzing how competitive the keywords are. It retrieves the top 10 rankings for any keyword, and is assigned with a Difficulty Score based on the pages that currently rank for that word.
  • SEMRush – This tool allows seeing exactly what keywords competitors are targeting, both in terms of organic and paid keywords in search.

Finding the right keywords is undoubtedly the most important block in the foundation of a strong SEO strategy. The whole idea is traffic optimization. The right keywords will bring in qualified traffic leading to higher sales conversions.

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