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Blogging Alternatives to Bring More Traffic to Your Website

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You need to publish informative and engaging content to increase your organic search traffic. Creating good content will help your website to get ranked higher in the initial pages of Google’s competitive search results. Writing a blog requires creative writing skills. If you don’t have these, you can hire a writer and outsource the content creation part. However, if you don’t possess the writing skills for blogging and don’t want to hire a professional blogger, the following alternatives can help you build intriguing SEO-friendly content to attract traffic to your site:

Create an Infographic – When compared to text-based content, interesting infographics have a higher probability of going viral. Usually, people are interested in viewing and sharing content portrayed in a striking visual format. You can create the infographics on your own or hire an SEO specialist to do the job for you.

Create YouTube Video – YouTube is one of the most popular search engines, and as it owned by Google, YouTube videos get priority in Google search results. Develop video content on your iPhone and directly upload it to YouTube and share or promote the video content across prominent social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Make sure the content you create is compelling and valuable to users.

Create Slideshows – Striking and eye-catching images are very popular online and most often get indexed by prominent search engines. Slideshows do not feature a lot of text-based content. Create an impressive title with a short and relevant description for each point displayed. Also, for the slideshows to really resonate with the target audience, the published information should match the images embedded in them.

Ask for user reviews – Rather than publishing or writing content, ask your customers to write content for you. User generated content and reviews are a great SEO tool. Ask or request for user reviews for your website content. These reviews can be promoted by sharing with your followers or connections through prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Also, you can ask for product reviews and suggestions and publish feedback on your testimonials page.

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