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Creating Responsive Web Design

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These days almost every business needs a mobile version of its website as most people shop and look for information on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets with advanced web browsing capacities have changed the approach towards design and user experience. Devices are changing and developing every day and web design also needs to be dynamic, flexible and smart to adapt to these changes. That’s how the idea of responsive web design was born.

Important Considerations

A lot goes into creating a user-friendly, striking website, starting from functionality and appearance to coding integrity and navigation. There are also certain things to consider when building a responsive website.

  • First, consider the mobile user. The browsing experience must be same for all users which ensure user satisfaction and fast loading on any type of Internet connection.
  • Keep the layout simple by using clean HTML codes. The layouts must be flexible, i.e., device independent, so that they can adapt beautifully to devices.
  • Media queries should be used to create websites that adapt in layout according to the browser width, height, screen orientation, resolution. etc.
  • Define the break points correctly for a better resolution.
  • Use responsive image and videos to fit the particular layouts.
  • Use clean designs and make the site easy to navigate. Make it easy to use and see that everything displays very clearly.
  • The functionality of the website must be checked as issues related to loading and broken links can make a customer leave the site.
  • Optimize the loading times to increase customer retention because slow loading sites can irritate visitors.
  • To reduce the potential for browser-based threats, implement advanced security measures to protect customer information.
  • Make use of high quality original content while designing that is relevant to your business. Quality of content is the deciding factor of a website during search engine result rankings. Content should be clear and compatible for all  major devices.
  • Testing before launching the website has to be done to check if it is compatible for various devices and is reachable from multiple browsers too.

Professional web designers in established web design companies go by these guidelines while creating mobile device optimized websites. Always researching and adapting to new technologies, these expert designers and developers take special care to craft usable and appealing websites that can adapt to various mobile devices. Since the mobile search queries are surpassing desktop searches, building a responsive website has become a must for almost all businesses.

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